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This site tries to provide unbiased information about all satellite tv packages provided by Directv®. We ensure all pages are updated on a daily basis so you wil only see the latest offers and prices. Our site targets individuals living in the United States of America. Please note that americans living outside the US need to contact local satellite tv providers (not all US channels and networks can be received through a satellite dish in some foreign countries).

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Directv® is an American satellite TV provider and has currently more than 20 million subscibers all across the US. It offers direct broadcasting services through satellite, pay-per-view and pay tv channels. You can find the Directv® headquarters in El Segundo, California. Directv® stands at the top for developping technologically advanced satellite receivers so customers can enjoy the best reception quality and TV viewing experience. Not a customer yet? Have a look at the great packages that Directv offers in premium HD quality!